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About Me

You will find a little bit about me.

Name: Dylan
Gender:female-yes,I am a girl (even though my name is Dylan)
Fave Color:Blue
Internet Habits:I get on the web ALL THE TIME!LOL,Im such
and internet freak!

Do I run any other sites? Yes. Please check them out:

PowerPuff Girls: Well...what more do I need to say? This is a PPG fansite.

Go there

Britney Rocks- This is a Britney Spears/Mandy Moore fansite.
Please Check it out:)

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My Message To Matt

Dear Matt,
Well,Im sorta speechless...but I want you to know
that you are VERY different than most celebrities
who,unfortunatlly,are in love with money.You are just not
like that.You are honest,funny,and downright charming.And that's why you are great looking(Well,blonde hair and blue eyes don't hurt either!:)It is quite obvius you are handsome (just look at the Pictures setion,and you will see what I mean,lol:)
I love you Matt!
Your number One Fan 4eva,